Castlewood Ranch relies on our wonderful volunteers to help with many aspects of our rescue operations. Without our volunteers, we couldn’t do all the good work that we do.   

  • Volunteer opportunities are generally at the Ranch, but some opportunities can be from your home helping design flyers or promoting adoptable animals online.

  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years old, however we do have youth volunteer opportunities for kids under 16 that have gone through our CowPoke Kids training.

  • We ask regular volunteers to commit to a minimum of eight hours per month.  

  • Volunteer schedules are flexible, and regular volunteers work independently.

  • We do accept student volunteers needing to fulfill school mandated community service hours. Those hours must be scheduled with the Ranch.

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Do you want to help an equine in need?

Offer a forever home to one of our many rescues.   If you can't provide a home -consider volunteering.   Are you too busy to volunteer? You can still help by donating to the Castlewood Ranch Foundation.  

We are a volunteer based organization. Your donation goes directly to the rescue, feeding and vet care of our many rescued Equines and Ranch Animals.  We are a 501 (c) (3).  Your donation is tax deductible.

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We Have Many Volunteer Opportunities

Handler On The Ground


We try to assign every rescue a suitable handler until they have been adopted. Get ready to halter train, groom, bathe, and exercise your rescue from the ground.  We will match you with the right ranch animal for your level of experience and confidence. This opportunity requires weekly commitment. 

Handler Under Saddle


Do you know how to ride? We have rescues that need to be ridden. To be considered for this opportunity, you must demonstrate solid equitation skills on the ground first. Feel a bit rusty? If your basic knowledge is there, we can work with you to get you back up to speed.  This opportunity requires weekly commitment. 

Volunteer Trainer


Our volunteer trainers must have substantial equine training experience. You may be assigned a baby in need of ground work, or a rescue that needs to be tuned up. Your skill level will be evaluated by our head trainer prior to assignment in s trainer position. This opportunity requires ongoing commitment to at least one horse.

Stall Cleaner


Did you know that a 1,000 lb horse will produce almost 40 lbs of manure a day? Yep!  And, we could use some help keeping that manure moving to the manure pile.  It may not be the most glorious opportunity, but it surely is one of the most needed -and you will get some good exercise while you are at it!  

General Maintenance


Our pesky rescues are always breaking something.   Can you fix a water float? Replace a chewed up stall board or kicked fence? How about stretching wire?  There is always a small thing here or there that needs to be done to keep the facility safe for the rescues. If you want to help, we would love to have you!  These opportunities are project and need base. Give us a call and get on our "on call" list.

Grounds Maintenance


Yep, the hay barn needs raking, the manure pile needs spreading, the stall mats need sweeping, and fly bags need to be put out and taken down.  The work never ends.  But, the joy of being around the horses and knowing you are making a difference is worth the effort. Anyone can participate in horse related grounds maintenance. Just ask what we need. All help is appreciated!

Fundraising Support


Know how to market donations on social media?  You can host an online fundraiser for the Foundation, or solicit donations from local vendors to support needs of the rescue. We also could use support soliciting community donations for our events and raffles.  Give us a call if you can help.

Event Planning


Planning and running events is a big job! We could use a team of people to solicit donations from local vendors, market and promote ticket sales, and to help with general coordination, set up and break down before and after the event.  If you enjoy event planning and management, please let us know. 

Raffle Coordination


Running  our raffles at events or online is also a big undertaking.  We need donations from local vendors, promotion of raffle ticket sales,  and active support to manage raffles and silent auctions whether on line or at a special events.  If this interests you, there are always opportunities to help.

Media & Brochure Design


Are you a skilled graphic artist?  We could use help designing logos, educational  brochures, business cards, and pamphlets for distribution to the community.  Please reach out to us.  We have current projects in need of a graphic design expert right now.

Newsletter Design


Are you a wiz at writing and newsletter layout?  We would love to have you on our editorial team helping to share the good news we are doing with our community of supporters.

It takes a "Village People"!


Saving equines and ranch animals at risk takes a community of support. There are so many ways you can help.  Please consider volunteering with us.  We will work with you to find an opportunity that helps us help the animals that also feels rewarding to you.  Contact Kelly@Castlewood-Ranch.coma