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About Our Foundation

We Are Dedicated To The Welfare Of Equines And Ranch Animals In Our Care


Our amazing team of on site staff and community volunteers are committed to providing for the well-being of all animals at the Ranch. Whether it's a boarded horse or one of our many equines rescued from the brink of slaughter,  we are passionate about quality care.  From facility management and strict bio-security, to husbandry and proper veterinarian care, we strive to do our best with limited resources. Follow our good work on Facebook at Castlewood Ranch Foundation, Inc.

The History Of Castlewood Ranch


Kelly Marie, CEO and founder of Castlewood Ranch Foundation, has been an avid animal and horse lover her entire life. She has over 40 years of equestrian experience and is also a skilled dog trainer.  She rides English and used to be an ardent Hunt Field rider. She has been trained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and started the Mounted Ranger unit for a local County Parks Department. Despite Kelly's riding style, she respects all approaches to riding and training horses -as  long as it is kind to the horse and safe for both horse and rider.   

Castlewood started out as a horse boarding operation.  But, Kelly  saw the need for another energetic, nonprofit to support  the never ending stream of at risk equines and ranch animals being slated for slaughter or euthanasia.  In order to make a difference, she restructured her horse boarding operation into a non-profit promoting education, rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing and permanent sanctuary for selected at risk ranch animals.  When you secure paid services from  Castlewood Ranch you are actively supporting equine and ranch animal rescue.

Our Primary Mission Is To Rescue At Risk Equines


While we occasionally rescue a variety of ranch animals, our primary mission is is to rescue equines from the brink of slaughter. 

Our goals include the following:

  • Reduce the number of unwanted animals through the promotion of aggressive spay, neuter and castration policies.

  • Provide for the well-being and rehabilitation of rescues in our care while soliciting lifelong, loving homes.

  • Promote responsible animal ownership through education and youth programs like our Cowpoke Kids Club.

  • Nurture donor and volunteer relations while actively engaging the community in fund raising activities including donations to and sales at our "Cowgurl Collective" not for profit store.

Upcoming Events And Camps

June 2019

Annual Fundraiser

2pm - 8pm

Castlewood Ranch

+ Event Details

June 2019

Annual Fundraiser

Stay tuned for more information. Our Annual Fundraising event is being planned tentatively for some time in June 2019.  We are making our plans now.  We will share the event on our Face book feed as well as through our mailing list as details firm up.

2pm - 8pm

Castlewood Ranch

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