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Welcome To Castlewood Ranch

 Are You Looking For a Horse Boarding Facility
Where You Can Truly Relax with Your Horse...
...and Feel Welcomed? 

Well, you found us.  Come on in!


Castlewood Ranch is a privately owned, well- maintained horse boarding facility and  ranch animal sanctuary in Santa Cruz County, California for you, your horse and your family to enjoy.  We cater to all riding disciplines, but most of our boarders tend to be from the western pleasure, or hunter/jumper riding disciplines. 

We are small in size, but big on quality; and easily one of the best boarding facilities in South Santa Cruz County, while still being affordable.  We limit ourselves to the number of boarded horses housed in stalls, paddocks or pasture.  Ranch rules are simple, but there is one that needs to be mentioned upfront  "no dogs".   We are also "drama-free", and enforce our "no drama" rule. If a peaceful horse boarding facility is what you are seeking -you found one.

Castlewood Ranch is located at the end of a country lane in Aptos Hills in Santa Cruz County nestled up against hundreds of acres of privately held land with access to miles of maintained riding trails.  Castlewood Ranch is a hidden gem, and easily one of the more tranquil equine facilities in the South Santa Cruz County area.  Besides horses, we house a family of Suri Alpacas, Oberhasli Goats, Kid Rock our miniature paint Stallion and Ella Mae the resident pig for all to enjoy.  If you want a truly special ranch facility, with a family feel and the best care for your horse, then come check out our horse boarding facility.

At Castlewood Ranch, you can use your own vet and your own farrier.  We don't attempt to control your equestrian service choices; although, we do require bi-annual shots and regular wormings.  Shot clinics are coordinated in the Spring and Fall.  You can either participate in the scheduled clinics, or provide documentation to the Ranch that you have attended to your equine friend's health needs.  We also implement bio-security measures.   New horses (or horses returning from certain shows or events) are quarantined from other horses to prevent the possible spread of disease.  We implement best management practices for our facility.

Special services are available for a fee from the ranch, but we also allow boarders to assist each other -on a trade only basis-  for their blanketing, graining, and turn-out support.  We understand that owning equines can sometimes be expensive, and all of us are trying to stretch our dollars so we can take care of our equine friend.  Castlewood Ranch is affordable.

The Owner and Ranch Manager, Kelly Marie, lives onsite.   She has over 30 years of equestrian experience and is also an ardent animal lover.     She rides English and used to be an avid field hunter.   She has been trained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and started the Mounted Ranger unit for a local County Parks Department.   Despite Kelly's riding style preference, she respects all styles and approaches to riding and training horses -as long as it is kind to the horse and safe for both horse and rider. 


Kelly Marie
Ranch Owner / Manager

If you want the best for you and your horse -at an affordable price- then give Castlewood Ranch a call.
Or, send us an e-mail at  Kelly@Castlewood-Ranch.com
We will gladly show you the ranch.

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